Beast of Burden

So I’ve packed my bag a whole 2 months early. It contains water, clothing, a sleeping bag, a tent, rolly-down mat thing, a stove and bits, a flask and first aid stuff…It weighs roughly the same as me.

When I start my journey north from Edinburgh on April 6th, will I have the strength to get to the outskirts of Auld Reekie (that’s another name for Edinburgh to the uninitiated), or will I just topple backwards, to be found like an upturned tortoise on the road to South Queensferry – or, more optimistically, North Queensferry?

Already it feels like I’m mistrusting the very folk I expect to trust. The fine people of the uk will feed, water and shelter me.

They will.

Do I chuck the tent, sleeping bag and all these symbols of mistrust, or do I bring them just in case?

Far be it to compare myself to Gandhi – but, when he died he was found with a mere 10 items in his possession.

I, on the other hand, will be carting about a whole ton of ‘what if’?
I have 2 months to prevaricate.

Until the next time.


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