But I don’t like egg

Not so long ago a friend of mine,Tomas told me about a homeless guy he’d tried to help,

“I gave him an egg sandwich and he looked up at me and said – ‘I don’t like egg’ can you believe it, chris? He was homeless and I gave I’m a sandwich and he said, ‘I don’t like egg’?”


Anyway, it’s 2 weeks today when I wander off into the sunset, so I decided to set about phoning some folk.

I’d found a number on the Internet that claimed to be a direct line to the Muslim council for Scotland. It was a mobile number so I was a little unsure. This was the first person I’d phoned about my little journey so I was a little nervous – I was mentally playing eminem’s ‘lose yourself’ – thinking about my one shot…..

Yes I’m a drama queen.

Even though I’d written things down to make sure I didn’t babble incoherently, I babbled incoherently.

I was met with calm and understanding.
Mazhar – the calm and patient guy – thought my little adventure was really interesting and he told me he’d circulate all my Internet stuff among the members of the council – what a fantastic start.

A few phonecalls later I got to the church of Scotland. I told my story.

“you want fundraising,”

“no I don’t, I…”

“hello fundraising?”

“er sorry, I don’t want you, could you put me back to reception?”


“I didn’t want fundraising,”

“I’ve spoken to my boss and he tells me you need to speak with Crossreach – they deal with all that homeless and mental health sort of thing…”

“but I’m not homeless – er l want to walk with people from the church….”
“no, these people will help you….”


Essentially, Crossreach is a care agency attached to the church.
“I’ll put you through to the head of mental health…”

“but I don’t want to speak with…”
I don’t like egg!

Technically, I do like egg – but help is only help if you want it or need it.

To summarise – if you see me walking about, I’m more than happy to eat an egg sandwich…

Walk a mile


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