It’s all well and good until someone loses an eye

It’s tomorrow! No, don’t check your watch, calendar, or other time keeping device. It cannot be tomorrow since, as in the words of the song, it’s always a day away.

No, there lies insanity.

Which brings me neatly round to the big event. Tomorrow at 12 noon, I meet up with a few folk at the Cramond Brig Inn for a small departure do before I, and a few eager people, off in a northerly direction towards the aptly named north queensferry.

This is it. Today I have no great words of political wisdom.

Nothing desperately witty. For me it feels a little like the cross between Christmas eve and the day before sitting your finals.

I’ve done all I can at this stage. I have spoken to lots of people to ask for their support.

I have been in touch with a variety of media organisations. I have a rucksack full of stuff that I’m sure will be useful at some point. I have had trial runs and I’ve stomped my way around arthur’s seat.

As for you lot? Thanks for just being there. Hopefully you’ll grow in number as I go.

I don’t have anywhere to stay in north queensferry. That’s ok though – that’s just how it’ll be at times. Obviously ten packets of super noodles and 3 bags of m & m’s will only take me so far – but this will be fine – this is going to work – we will find that big society.

Love is never having to say you’re sorry. Absolute twaddle – love is holding your hands up and saying, “yes, I’m an arse,” when the situation demands it.

Love is having a bunch of your mates sitting around you saying ,”you’re an idiot!” when I explained I had no alternative sources of energy for my fancy phone other than the kindness of other folk.

I now have solar energy at my fingertips.

Enough now.

I’ll be off then.

Walk a mile people.


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