Mixed Messages

So, my good friend Derek sends me a link to this beautiful image of myself. Immediately I’m overcome with that age old thought, “Does my Rucksack look big in this?” I think to myself that, if I were a little closer to the camera, my stomach would have completely sealed off the entrance to the tunnel.

Me, me, me, me….

Derek, on the other hand, had sent me the picture because he felt it symbolised my journey. A dark tunnel into the unknown. A tunnel with no obvious light at the end of it. If I’m going to flog this metaphor to death then I will be looking to myself and others for some illumination.

He suggests I am showing everyone the way. I would like to think I’m asking others to join me, to trust me, to support me as I take my first tentative steps.

No – I don’t think there’s a train coming – but thanks for your concern.
I’m off to pack my bag again. I’m sure there are a few things I could do without – but hey, life wouldn’t be the same without some unnecessary baggage, would it?

Do you see what I did there?

Walk a mile in my shoes.


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