Modern Technology

Gandhi walked the earth with no more than 10 items in his possession. Satish Kumar walked from India to Washington via, among others, Pakistan, Russia, France and England with a similar luggage allowance. Neither of these fine men, as far as I’m aware, wandered around constantly checking their Facebook status or blogging the minutiae of their lives…”striving for world peace – lol” and yet I feel a sense of impending doom should the battery of my Mac run down – should I be unable to procure an I-Phone by the time I start walking.

Am I just a modern-day feardy – cat? Should I walk around the UK with little more than my words and a Demis Roussoss (ask your parents) style kaftan to my name? I think not. If nothing else, this age of information technology has given us a voice. Sure, lots of single voices speaking at the same time might not make a lot of sense. It might be difficult to hear them. If we can use this wonderful technology to get across one simple message though, then that can’t be a bad thing.

My lovely brother, John, recently purchased a 3D, high definition, surround sound television. Simply put on the special 3D glasses provided and be prepared to be immersed in a world of 3D-ness, HD-ness and surroundy-soundyness. Fabulous. Sit back and watch as the little people, previously contained by that electrical box in the corner of the room, appear in front of you – you reach out with your hands because you cannot believe they are not really there.

Alternatively, you could take a step outside your door. Get over that sad click as the door closes and you realise you don’t have your keys. Be amazed as you look at the world – it’s in 3D – it’s in even higher definition than the HDeeist of all TV’s. With the world, though, you get at least 2 added bonuses. For free you get feely-vision and smelly-vision. It’s there for the taking and it’s free.

Of course you could protect yourself from the vivid annoyance of the real world. Plug yourself into your ipod (other mp3 players are available), pretend you’re on your mobile and you can effectively ignore everyone you encounter all day every day.

The message? Oh yes, the message. Join me.

Walk a mile in my shoes and I’ll do the same with you.


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