12/06/11 All we have to fear is fear itself

Ticks! Little bloodsucking varmints!

Satish Kumar, being a Jain monk, has a completely pacifist outlook on life. If tiny beasties choose to tuck into his flesh then, what’s the worry – there’s plenty to go round. I am not a Jain monk. Sure, I’ve escorted a plethora of wildlife out of my tent from bumble bees to slugs…

With ticks, I draw the line.

Somewhere in the back of my head I heard the words “Lymes disease” as I removed one of the little freeloaders off my leg – accidentally exploding it with an audible pop as my blood – yes, my blood oozed from it’s carcass.

Looking up Lymes disease I was delighted to find is passed on through the smallish, blackish sheep tic. Lovely, that’s the description that mine answered to.

Lymes disease has wide ranging symptoms from bugger all, to a small localised rash….to death.

Oh my days! I’m doomed – off to the website that shows larger pictures of tics; 3d pictures of tics; stories how people have lost their minds, their jobs and their lives.

Won’t somebody save me?!

Quick – to the statistics – they’ll save me.

Last year, in the uk, there were 365 cases of The disease. 365 people out of 60 million? That’s a 1 in 166 thousand chance I have of contracting it…

Which means….

I’m a big silly.

I was amazed at how quickly I was gripped by fear though.

But fear is the absolute bread and butter of being in the UK today.
Fear of Muslims – not just al-Qaeda – our own Mr Cameron is cutting funding to Muslim groups who take a non-violent negative slant against this fair country. He says they must prove that they have adopted British values before they can get their funding back.

British values? Like what? Having nice hair? Sunday lunch (sorry, can’t make it, I’m working), stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich? Being ‘in it’ together?

Vince Cable has shown how we must fear the evil strikers. Even though the rate of strikes is lower now than it’s been for years he’s threatening to change the law to prevent industrial action.

We should fear teenagers, students, the mentally ill, travellers…

Stick em in the jail.

Interestingly, the United States has approximately 2% of the worlds population and yet it has 25% of the worlds prison population.

That’s about 2 million Americans in prison in the land of the free.

Made me laugh.

I’m guessing a lot of these folk aren’t a real danger to society – a lot of them are locked away just in case.

Day in and day out we are fed images and figures that suggest we are surrounded by scary folk.

If they’re not scary, they should be despised – benefit scroungers – and all the above.

What does fear do? I guess it limits us in what we do – what we dare to hope we can do. It prevents us from going out and welcoming people in the street.
Next time your out and about and you see someone approaching you – dump all notions that they might be a terrorist, a mugger, a pedophile, a sheep rustler…

Instead try to imagine “That’s the person who gave me that lovely chocolate cake (fill this bit in with something you like) – how lovely it is to see them again.”

Other people aren’t scary.


Now ticks, there’s another matter – some of them are the size ‘o dogs, I tell ‘ee – suckin’ out all yer blood…(pirate accent optional – other accents are available at no extra cost)

Walk a mile


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