26/04/11 On the move, on the move, we’re on the move again….

I’m guessing nobody remembers that wonderful educational programme from the 70’s?

That’s the tune I’ve been playing over and over in my mind as I strolled along the cycle path from Elgin to Lossiemouth.

I can officially state that I am up and running again – albeit a bit cold and wet.

It was a little late – the woods that I’d been aiming for were still a couple of miles away – and I did it! I managed to stop.

There was a campsite, not a big fan of such enterprises but I had a choice between a golf course, the road or the runway at RAF Lossiemouth….

Tempting, I know…

I arrived at reception and had to phone to be received.

I was met by a lovely Russian man who, by his own admission, did not speak very good Scottish.

The old kindness, Jedi mind trick, these are not the men you’re looking for, failed.
“I’m walking around the uk highlighting the experiences of people with mental health problems and other marginalised groups…”

Was met with,”Yes, you get £10 back when you return the key for the shower….”

My Russian is not the same quality as his Scottish – I paid the full price!
Imagine? Me? Full price….? I’m not done yet – I’ll speak to someone in the morning…. You’ll see….

I still have some notion that I’m going to blag my way across to the orkneys…a mere campsite will not get the better of me…

I put the tent up in force hardly anything gales – and to be fare I was looking forward to diving in and switching on the central heating…breathing rapidly.

Then I got a call from Ella – she who has gently put me back together over the past week.

She was feeling a bit sad about leaving me on the road and she wasn’t doing very well.

I did a quick calculation – I’d left her at about 4 in Elgin – it was now about 7 – she should be near Edinburgh by now…

“I’m at the campsite…” came the sad voice.

There then followed a comedic scene where I followed her car around the holiday park as I tried to get her attention. I was getting wetter and wetter as she got more and more frustrated.

Reciprocation is a lovely thing. Knowing that a simple hug and a few tender words like,”You stupid cow, what on earth are you doing here?” can really help.

She phoned the lovely Shaun in Elgin – and he’s provided us with a ludicrously cheap bed for the night as long as we promise to be off by 9.30….

Good luck Shaun.

My head’s good, my body’s fine and Ella has been reassembled.

I’m lying in bed blogging while she’s in the other room talking to the television…

Domestic bliss.

Walking some miles.


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