27/05/11 I love walking – I’d just forgotten

Today started well….Ella dropped me off back at the campsite and off she went…somewhat geographically challenged…but off she went nonetheless.

I dismantled and packed the tent in a world record 10 minutes – where is Norris mcwhiter (ask your grandparents) when you need him?

Now the big challenge – going back to reception at the campsite and asking for a discount for the travelling idiot.

“My husband saw you come in last night – and he reckons your the boy from the paper….”

“I was in the…? Excellent – yes that’s me…”

We talked about what I was doing as she gave me all my money back…

A great start to the day.

I’ve decided to take my time, to enjoy my walk, to look around me…

What a great change.

This is a funny old part of the country – the recent rain has added a wonderful freshness a newness to the world – the vivid greens of the leaves on the oak, yes oak, trees…the rolling fields…

I was taken back to my youth, walking in the welland valley on the Northamptonshire / Rutland borders.

The darting house martins (?), swallows (?), swifts (?) – if they’d stay still long enough I could tell you – almost mocking me with their lightning reflexes and avian dexterity, catching whatever insect that get in their way…

The pied wagtails with their tails er, wagging, comically as they walk up and down the road ….

The little hunting spiders, the size of your pinky nail, but with an attitude the size of a hippo, scampering angrily as they hunt down…dogs? Children?

But my favourite above all has to be the crows, looking down on me from their rookeries, their caws echoing through the trees.

Today I stopped regularly – to look – to smell – to listen. I avoided the main roads taking the long way round because I’ve got time and it was better.

Less haste more speed.

Amazingly, I knocked off the miles today – it felt I wasn’t going anywhere fast, and yet I’m a long way from where I started and I feel great.

It kind of struck me today that I’ve never really talked about my walk – yet that’s what I do for 99.99% of my day.

There you are then…

Did I mention it was raining most of the day?

It mattered not one jot.

Back on the plan – the chap who’d offered me hospitality in Nairn has pulled out on the grounds that he’s off to Spain – I suggested he should leave the key…

Within hours I was offered an alternative just a mile away from Nairn – what a hoot.

People are fantastic.

Remind me to tell you how I met Donald Sutherland in Buckie tomorrow – not that I met him tomorrow – you need to remind me tomorrow – is that clear?

Thanks for indulging me in my exaltations about the beauty of this island that we live on.

Walk a mile – no, really, get out there…


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