A big dog stole my homework

Ok, I’ll be brief, please read the following blog too. I parked up on the side of the path for the night having devoured a ton of free food from the anstruther fish bar – best fish and chips bar none – I digress….

The urge came upon me for a number 2 this morning – so, turn away if you’re squeamish, realising I was on a public thoroughfare I decided to do said business in the tent – on some wet wipes. I packaged this all up in said wet wipes and put it next to the tent for later burial.

“hey, no…put that down…” shouted the man whose dog had just made off with the aforementioned jobby.


From nowhere in my previous experience could I come up with anything remotely useful in this situation.

“hey you, your dog just stole my…”

was just one of the things I didn’t say.

I later retrieved my savaged poo and buried it in true campers style.

I just hope he’s not one of those jumpy up licky dogs.

The end

Walk a mile away from dogs such as these.

Now go and read the other blog – it’s about proper stuff.


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