Are we there yet? I can see the sea…

Neighbours, everybody needs good…anyway, just up the road and round the corner a bit from Gordon brown – I was told in no uncertain terms by some friendly locals in north queensferry that security is tight and I’d best not try to camp in the village.Currently comfy in a tent on the fife Coastal path.

The kindness of people is very much alive and well – a great send off by a great bunch of chums – Ella , Ellie, jim and er jim and Maggie and ben and Susan and lou and a big thanks to catie of stv for her glowing report on my adventure.

The kindness of strangers

Met a friendly woman on the way into north queensferry – so impressed was she by the tale she slipped me a tenner for my cause. Popped into the local pub and met Linda the social worker who got me steak pie and chips and a pint of lager while she shared tales of physical abuse in her childhood and adult life – from her father and from her partners – only now in her mid fifties has she got a real sense of self worth. It was a pleasure to meet her.

Fought a bit with my tent in the rain and the dark – but all is well and lovely.
Didn’t I tell you people were lovely? Didn’t I?

I guess we can say walk a mile in my shoes is officially underway

Walk a mile chumlets

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