I don’t want your charity

So there I was walking along the Coastal path and er I lost it. Wandering confused into the small town of inverkeithing I happened across some other weary travellers.

“hello big man” this was lou who we’ll get to know soon.

I’m not big – I have large bones – especially the big flabby one at the front which I’ll rely upon for sustenance when things get lean.

Lou and her brother in law and their friend, Helen were walking the Coastal path for the ms society.

I told her my story and said that I might have a contact in dalgety bay church just up the road.

“if that falls through, give us a call and you can come back to mine – for scran and a roof over your head.”

But we’ve only just….

“that would be great…”

Turned out I was on the Coastal path – only this bit of it wasn’t… Coastal.
We exchanged numbers and, compared to me, they sped off. Lou came back and thrust some change inti my hand,”stick that in your sporran!”

I did.

My contact at the church in dalgety bay turned out to be the offer of a toilet stop and a cup of coffee. I decided to take lou up on her offer.

We agreed to meet in Burntisland – nether burnt nor an island – the mystery continues…

I was half dead by the time I arrived – the heat was feisty (in Scotland?) and my feet had grown 2 sizes and were about to explode.

I was picked up in their car. I knew they were going to be interesting. Lou is married to louise and they have a lovely three year old boy.

Lou – going on long walks for the ms society has ms herself.

I had to ask the question ,”what makes you trust a big bald guy in a kilt in your home with your family?”

“I trust my first impressions of people,”

Really simple when you put it like that.

Sure, she had her mates asking ‘do you think he’ll phone?’ and, more gently, ‘are you nuts?’

Spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread and a beer and a shower….hmmm a shower and a big to sleep on and a roll and sausage for breakfast and 2 rolls for lunch and chicken and potatoes for my tea….and a map of the Coastal path and 2 other beds for the night further on don’t really cover it.

I was just accepted by this lovely bunch of folk – treated like an old mate – even now I’m getting texts from lou to make sure I don’t wander off the track.

And it all started when I met them and laughed at the irony of someone collecting money for charity – giving me money for my charity.

Better than I could ever have hoped for.

Walk a mile guys


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