It’s not where you start, it’s where ya finish

Let’s zoom back to the Star hotel in Montrose the other week there….

I’ve always believed that bar tenders had a touch of the circus ringmaster in them – you know making sure the lions don’t eat the clowns and then being quite clear whose fault it was the following day.

Derek and I started relatively sober. It was his fault – that I can guarantee…

No, I’m writing about something altogether different – that Komodo dragon should never have been out of the zoo…

I’ve digressed from my digression – ringmaster – barstaff.

Ok, back on course.

A young woman called Erin was behind the bar that day at the Star – some of the usuals were making a usual sort of noise and were being kept in their place by the confident and self-assured Erin.

Later she and I got talking about my little escapade – she seemed interested in it and in social work, but neither, she feared, would ever be attainable to her.

I explained the above – how I felt she controlled ‘that lot’ (not me, I’m very obedient) with the raise of an ironic eyebrow and so on.

She told me that this was the only place she did this – that she wasn’t very confident with reading and writing…it transpired that she had taken long periods off school to because carer for her mother who had mental health problems.

We talked about what she could read – magazines and the like – but she never felt she’d achieve the academic prowess of a social worker.

I tried to argue he case to her – but I was a little pished ( Derek must have slipped me something – ah yes, 12 lagers).

She was keen to follow my progress and hopefully she’s linked into the walk a mile thingy.

I just wanted to say she clearly had a skill with people. Something that you don’t learn from books – a natural ringmastery.

A bit of catching up on her reading – then…

How many people dismiss themselves – or feel dismissed – so early on for something outside their control?

Erin, if you’re reading this, walk a mile in my social work shoes – leave out the loopy bit at the end though.


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