Meritocracy? What meritocracy?

So they finally tied the knot – bless them. We watched…someone watched the whole pomp and ceremony of it all. People camped out in the streets if Westminster so they could get a glimpse…

Camp out, eh? Can I refer you to an earlier blog? No matter – I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that republican atheists are the most boring people in the world.

How do we become more entertaining?

As I listened to some of the post marriage BBC round ups I was intrigued to hear a number of the old corporations finest – including Michael burke – suggesting that perhaps this royalty thing was a bit old hat – especially now that we and the states (apparently they were quite excited about it all too) were meritocracies.

Say what?

I guess it’s easy to say we live in a meritocracy if you’re one of the folk doing well – but people have a position in this country because of their ability – measured by what?

The positive regard of others?

Probably not.

Hard cash? That’s the one.

Can I just say bankers, snooker players and footballers then, carers, social workers (I’m biased, I know – any problems, bugger off and write your own blog) and cleaners.

In the states, on average, it is easier to get a job as a White ex criminal than a black person.

What are we measuring merit with there?

Women in old blighty still get payed less on average than their male counterparts.

Is it of merit to society, the Market, the global economy to be a White person with a Ning nong?

That’s right , we live in a meritocracy – what was I thinking.

Isn’t it an incredible coincidence that nearly all of our most meritorious folk went to a couple of schools.

And that good fortune – sorry , merit, just goes on and on.

Hooray for the pearly king and queen of Cambridge – at least they’re honest.

Walk a meritorious mile folks


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