Peterhead, Peterhead, so good he’ll blog about it twice

I’ll not pretend it was a quick journey from Aberdeen to Peterhead – it wasn’t.
Picture my earlier phil silvers whinging and multiply it by 4.

Stunning beach though. I’m so glad I walked all the way along it to a small town called newburgh – as there was my prize – a bunch of seals all on a sandbank with their young sploshing about watching the humans.


Anyway – I eventually got to Peterhead after camping out a couple of nights – there, directed by Alison of the anstruther fish bar fame, I found the seamen’s mission.

A wonderful place, funded purely by donations, providing food and shelter for fishermen who require it and, er me.
I had the good fortune to be roomed up with Joshua from Ghana – I’d made some bizarre assumption that he’d speak French – he didn’t – which was good because neither do I.

I briefly googled Ghana to get a feel for the place while he had a snooze.

One of the things that jumped out at me was there appeared to be some exploitation by drug companies there – specifically regarding malaria.

The allegation is that the drug companies are not doing all they can to rid Ghana of the disease – so keeping themselves in business.

When Joshua woke up he confirmed this. He also appeared a little hungry – what better way to get rid of some of my super noodles?

Ladies and gentlemen – I can confirm that I have finally eaten some of the food I’ve been carrying with me for the last month.

Joshua was delighted with said noodles – so much so he gave me approximately a kilogram of dried powdered yam. Mix a bit with water – delicious.

I asked him about his home – he told me it was hard being away from his wife and children – but working on the boats gave him the money to pay for their home, food, education and healthcare. He felt it was worth the sacrifice.

Then he said something that really moved me.

“Ghana is very beautiful, you must come and visit me there.”

A very simple statement – yet it felt that he had something he valued and cherished and he wanted to share that feeling of joy it gave him.

It didn’t feel terribly capitalist.

He’s out at sea now and I’m back to my wanderings. He has it little part of my mind though.

Walk a mile chums


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