Peterhead – This time it’s personal

Ever thought what might happen when an atheist encounters a Christian family?

Wonder no more, good people, read on…

I spent the afternoon looking over Peterhead harbour thinking that, back in the day, sea travel must have been looked upon like space travel – ships going off into the unknown.

Enough of that – Morag came up to me and gave me a big hug – she drove me back to her house where she showed me a big box of foot pharmaceutical type goodies and told me to take whatever I needed.

That’s what happens…

Then she fed me fish soup – ran me a bath – gave me spag bol – pudding – and great company.

Zander, her husband, is a skipper on a fishing boat. He works 12 days on and 12 days off – give or take – on the days when he isn’t on the boat he goes down to the harbour to see if there’s anyone there who needs a hand…

For free?

For nothing?

There’s a strong feeling of community in these parts – even for wandering atheists.

It mattered not a jot to them that I was of the atheistic persuasion.

Join me as my mind goes back to time…

I was in my early 20’s – a friend….yes, it’s coming through…Marcelle dropped me off on the hard shoulder of the M25 so that I could hitch my way to Northampton .

Don’t try that at home.

I got a lift from a man who was keen to tell me about his god and that I should follow a similar course.

Being headstrong and not fully understanding the finer points of diplomacy, I soon found myself being dropped off again on the hard shoulder of life where he explained to me,”There’s no place for you in my car…”

Interestingly, I was almost immediately picked up by a self professed criminal who went out of his way to drop me off where I needed to be.

I got to meet Morag and Zander’s dog, Odie – named after the dog in Garfield.
It was lovely. They threw hospitality at me – Morag was clearly concerned I’d die of starvation at some point – er….
They washed my clothes – gave me a cooked breakfast then, almost immediately after, lunch, then a packed lunch that included a flask of homemade soup and home baking.

Morag and I talked about invisible maladies such as mental health problems and the chronic pain she endures following an operation that didn’t go right.

She has felt judged by folk who she feels would be happier if they could see one of her legs hanging off.

But she gets on with her day to day life – preparing for their daughters wedding in a few weeks…

And still they have space to take in a wandering miscreant.

I have a confession to make.

They gave me the sofa in their living room to sleep on – very comfortable – but that’s not the point.

Remember what I said about 3d tv and how the world is in surround sound…?
I watched csi godknowswhat until 2 in the morning! Moving pictures!


The thing is….these people didn’t know me and yet the offered me all kinds of lovely company and hospitality.
Morag even gave me £20 for the road as I left!!!

I like Peterhead.

I’m quite fond of Christians too.

No, not the band, silly.

Go on, try it. Drag a guy in off the street and feed him until he can barely move – give him a packed lunch and all that lovely hospitality.

Yes, I know technically that would be seen as kidnap but …..

Walk a mile me ducks


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