Random acts of kindness

So, there I was surrounded by…er fields on my way to Cullen and Buckie …

Now, one would have thought that the rambling man, such as myself, would have been spoilt for choice as to where I should stick up the old tent.

Not so reader , not so. Never in all my days have I seen so much barbed wire – 4 lines of it surrounding every field. Amazing – it looked like I was going to have to pitch up in the middle of the road when….

Thank heavens for roadsigns – there was a sign for a place called gardenstown – and behind it was a stretch if grass big enough for me and the tent.

Just as well, there was a storm a brewin’ an’ no mistake…
Sorry, mysteriously turned into a pirate there …

Whacked up my temporary accommodation just in time for the wind to start blowing and the rain to start doing it’s thing…

The tent works – it kept me dry and unsullied from any other stuff the world had to throw at me.

During the night, I was delighted to be greeted by the horns if the various fishermen on their way to work.

By the time I was woken for the 20th time I could barely conceal my merriment.

Opposite there were some horses having a bit of an altercation – but otherwise I slept fine for at least an hour.

The following day as the tent gave birth to my stunned form, I was met by a smiling face across the road.

“Can I get you anything?” Anne asked, “Cup of tea?”

She clearly spoke my language.

Inside I met her , her daughter, and a couple of chaps staying with her courtesy of the social work department.
I had chocolate cake for breakfast.

I spoke to Dennis – a delightful guy from Peterhead – he’d been with Anne for a few months and it sounded like his life had been turned around.

He’d got himself into a routine where he woke up – played x-box, fell asleep, woke up, played x-box…

He felt that the world was passing him by, but didn’t seem to know what to do about it.

His social worker had got him together with Anne.

Originally, Anne thought there was something physically wrong with Dennis – he seemed unable to stay awake for longer than a few hours at a time – becoming very tired very quickly.
It soon transpired that on the wealth of money that he got in benefits, he’d not been feeding himself very well.

Within a month or so of eating properly, Dennis had turned into the horny handed son of toil that I now saw before me.

They’d introduced him to animal handling and rearing – he looked after the goats, the chickens, the horses…
He now works with wood. He enjoys turning it on a lathe. He’s been put through his driving lessons so that he can attend the local college to do joinery.

As I left he was plotting to go and collect some tadpoles so he could watch them develop.

A stunning story. An absolute pleasure to rub shoulders with.

He doesn’t play on the x-box any more. There are too many other things to do.

He wasn’t lazy – he just didn’t know what his opportunities could be.

Just think .

Just think.

Walk a mile guys


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