The road from Carnoustie to Arbroath is…

Paved with gold? In places, possibly. Filled with wonder and beauty? Well yes, there is that, but…

I met I guy called johnny Gauld – a piper to trade and a writer – putting together the story of his wanderings around Scotland in a beautifully named book “Goin’ on a don’er” a don’er being west scots for donder or dander – meaning going for a walk – my spelling here may have little reflection on how johnny spells it.

Johnny walked more than a mile with me – we comfortably slotted into old friends mode – past the information gathering bit to the ridiculous humour bit.

We were a little inland from the sea and I noticed lots of crab shells. Being from the town and having watched many a David Attenborough in my time, I decided that this was indicative of migrating crabs.

My co-wanderer was quick to tell me the truth that these poor crabs were picked up by seagulls and dropped from a great height to smash their shells to give access to the munchy scrunchy stuff inside.

From this I decided that the metropolis of rabbit tunnels were there to trip wandering humans – who, with broken limbs would be gradually devoured by the beasts of the beach.

It all went a bit monty python from there.

How easy it was to slip into his life – enriching my journey infinitely as I went.
We went our different ways as we entered Arbroath – he was off to relive his childhood by looking at an old caravan site he and his family used to frequent in his youth – the times he remembered with a visible glow.

Me? I went off to blog and talk to folk in preparation for me old mate, Derek coming up to do a bit more walking in my shoes.

So , go on folks, give it a try, walk a mile in my shoes. It’s gluten free and has hardly any added sugar.

Perhaps just a bit.


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