The silver birch lady

I met the silver birch lady on the seafront at leven – I was happily looking out into the middle distance – she walked up with her two young boys and they showed me the treasure they’d found that day.

I told my story and she invited me round for lunch. During this time she told me, when she was younger,she’d had a silver birch that she’d share her innermost secrets with.

“so it acted like a kind of a diary….?” I offered .

“…er…yeah…” she said, unconvinced.
I’d got it wrong and nothing more was said on the matter.

I remember, back in the mists of the last century, the ex Prime minister jim Callaghan gave some wise words on John major. John major had just taken over from Maggie .

Old jim was amazed at the amount of meetings , forums, sessions and otherwise busy business mr major had to, or chose to, attend.

“where does he take time to reflect?” mr Callaghan asked.

Like so many of his kind, like so many of us, John major was demonstrating his worth as a human being by doing lots of things .

Which is exactly the point – we are human beings – not human doings.

By taking time to talk to her tree, Katie – the silver birch lady – was taking time to reflect – to be.

David Cameron ? Discuss.

I might have got it wrong this second time – I hope not.

I asked her the trust question – she turned it round – why wouldn’t you?

She’s younger than me and yet she grew up in a world where doors weren’t locked and the world wasn’t scary. She will carry on trusting until her world proves otherwise.

Big society? It’s all over the place.

On an unrelated matter, Katie makes handbound leather notebooks. They are exquisite – take a look at her website

Till the next time

Walk a mile

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