15-17/06/11 Moving on

Do you ever lie in bed thinking,”I wonder what it’ll all be like in 20, no, 30 years time?”

I’m sure that question must have been put to me when I was a mere sapling – as I lie here my mind is full of flying cars and holidays on mars.

Over the past few days I’ve been cared for by the good people of the Black Isle Transition Group – they’re a group of people who’ve looked at the future in a slightly more mature way.

Their premise is pretty simple – because there is limited stuff in the world, the economy can’t keep on growing indefinitely; because there is limited food in the world the human race can’t keep on expanding; because there are limited amounts of fossil fuels we can’t go on using oil and coal in a way that doesn’t consider the future; because we keep burning stuff and chucking chemicals about irresponsibly we’re contributing to global warming…..

Did you switch off there? Heard it all before?

Imagine though, a world with no oil? It’s ok, we’ll be able to grow crops for fuel….won’t we?

It’s ok, those clever scientist folk will come up with a solution…won’t they?
There isn’t anything I can do…it’s best if I just close my eyes and let it all happen….isn’t it?

I won’t go through all here, but the answers are ‘no’, no and er, ‘no’.
We can reduce the impact we are having now, each of us, if we do a few simple things…

Walk or cycle instead of using the car – if you must use your car, stuff it full with as many people you know who’re going your way.

Buy local produce – but I won’t be able to get mange tout in the winter…think about it – go on, suffer a little for the cause – eat seasonal food – eat organic food.

Heat your home, get your energy from renewable sources – solar – wind whatever.

Too much effort isn’t it ?

Ok, imagine sitting with your grandchildren’s grandchildren in about 100 years time.

They ask you a simple question,”What the bloody Hell happened to all the oil?”

Who ate all the pies?

Every year in the UK we use the equivalent of 4 tonnes of oil per person per year – in the States they use around 8 tonnes per person per year.

Although we like to think differently, we don’t own our little greeny-blue planet.
We are caretakers. It’s our job to look after it to pass on to the next generations.

We are, to be frank, making a bit of an arse of that.

Making the transition isn’t easy – I won’t patronise you by suggesting it’ll be hoot – try to think it’s like rationing in the war, lol…

But it’s better than the alternative – the alternative where we have to sell our car to buy a gallon of petrol….

To be perfectly honest, running out of stuff pisses me off. My rocket powered car has vanished in a puff of smoke – I’m still thinking that a holiday on mars may be just about possible if I can put some manner of giant catapult together.

Take a look here

And here

and take some time just to think about it.

Walk a mile


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