16/07/11 Back on the road

Well, nearly back on the road. So many things buzzing through my head – this is unlikely to be coherent at the moment – but I thought it might be interesting for you to get some image of what it’s like in my mind.

I’ve been very comfortable – I’ve had a bed – regular food – baths and all the mod cons that I’d missed – that said, I’m not sure if I really missed them – perhaps I’m just learning to take them for granted again.

My uncles funeral has come and gone – I met up with family members who I hadn’t seen for 30 years – prior to that I’d met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for 25 years.

I dissociated for about a week – which is mightily challenging – the good news is I felt euphoric when I came out the other side.

We’ve had the news international nonsense – we’ve had prisons being privatised – I’ve stumbled across the 1953 Iranian coup where the uk and the united states turned over a legitimate, democratic, secular government because of oil (familiar?) and fear of communism.

I’m walking with the lovely lou and Barry from tomorrow when I get back to Golspie – where I’ll be properly back on the road again.

I’ve bought 4 litres of irn bru for £2. The drink of champions.

I experienced the speed of squeezy jet – turned up 2 hours early and got on the plane just in the nick.

Ella – having seen me for a lengthy period – kindly gave me her pre booked flight to Inverness. Since I’m not coming back on the plane, how much did we save ?

It’s like a gcse maths question.

The short answer is, on top of ella’s fare, to change the name on the ticket, it cost £70.

Who the? What the?

More on that later.

I want to talk about pyramids and upside down pyramids that reflect how I think and my brother thinks.
I want to talk about the circulation of the ross-shire journal (?)

I want to talk about dreams of publishing my little story.

I want to talk about walking with lou – having great days and still going bonkers.

I want to talk about the warm welcomes I’ve had from people I’ve never met and people who I’ve met a couple of times because they’re reading my stuff.

I want to talk about people who hear the walk a mile story once and want to be a part of it – by donating money – by wanting to walk with me – by offering me somewhere to stay – by being people.

I want to talk about the economy – I want to talk about people – I want to talk about how I want to get you lot to stick all your friends on the walk a mile group.

I want to talk about making a big event of walk a mile returning to edinburgh any ideas gratefully accepted.
I want to talk about how I hope to blag my way across to the islands.
There’s more.

Suffice is it to say – walk a mile in my shoes is back on.

Come and play

Walk a mile


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