26/07/11 So you want to hear about Thurso?

And so the foolish man built his house (tent) on the sand (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) …

Yes ok, it was me on my way to Castletown just next to Thurso – who wouldn’t want to set up camp on the beach? Maybe if I push the pegs through the little tufts of grass…? Lie in the tent using myself and darth 2 as ballast ?

Thank god nobody was watching.

After a short kip in a field it was full steam ahead to Thurso – and this is where everything kind of goes generous and friendly….

Mike and Denise, friends of friends had offered to put me up – however their daughter had had the audacity to give birth to their second granddaughter but 2 days ago.

Undaunted by this they booked and paid for a place for me to camp in the Thurso campsite. So I had a place to stay. I’ll come back to them.

Everyone in Thurso seemed to have time to talk to me….

A man came up and treated me like a long lost friend. Spookily, he and I had met at Inverness airport – his 3 year old boy had come up to me and, after a short assessment, declared”fat gut”.
His dad rounded him up, had a few words with him and he came back and said “sorry to the man” obviously taking his dad literally.

Anyway – here he was in Thurso – friendly chat then off on our separate ways.

What fun.

I arrived at the campsite to find a letter accompanying my prebooked space. A little map and £20 to help me on my journey. I spoke to mike and he also promised that he’d have my tea covered too.

He came and collected me and fed me salmon while he and Denise plied me with gin and tonic and red wine. We chatted a bit about religion (they have a buddhish view of life and reincarnation ) while they made sure I was completely sated.

A lovely lovely evening.

Meanwhile, back at the campsite, a chap called Ian from Newcastle explained that he and his family had been watching my movements about the place. We exchanged details and he offered me hospitality when I get to Newcastle – it really is that simple.
I spoke to a couple who’d bought the biggest tent in the world to accommodate them and their 3 daughters. The husband had experienced the dreaded mental illness a couple of years ago and had found himself invited to stay in his local hospital for 2 weeks.
He had no follow up. None. His gp asked “what do you want me to do?”

Any ideas folk?


He put it down to the demands of modern living and the anxieties attached to that. What his gp thought is anyone’s guess.

“What do you want me to do?”

Your job – I want you to do your job.
As I was packing up, the man came over to me and gave me a bag full apples, bananas and a chocolate biscuit.

“We don’t have much,” he said by way of an apology.

I was blown away by their kindness…I’m lying in the sun now, blogging and enjoying this generous offering from the couple I’d only just met.

Let me tell you about Thurso .

Thurso’s bloody great.

Walk a mile


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