14/03/12 Watch out for the traffic

Before embarking on this stage of the journey I was indulged in a lovely bed and breakfast – the blacksmith’s house – in Ullapool.

Alan – the owner – had lived in Birmingham for a number of years before coming up.

The fun he has shouting to his partner as she walks out the door,”Watch out for the traffic!”

Compared to brum there is none.

“I saw the rush hour the other day,” he grinned, “there was a car………then another one…”

So, walking back on the road I wasn’t the least bit fazed by the traffic.

I have a few additions since I last
walked out – I have Wilson the cuddly turtle, presented to me on my birthday by my cousin Kate’s grandson, Bailey; I have Hubert, the trailer (he’s much happier on the roads than on the West Highland Way) and I have Zelda, the clogs, given to me by my lovely daughter Kate a while ago.

It’s like a little family….(tablets please)
Anyway – I met a workman on the road –
“There are buses,” he laughed

“Austerity cuts – I am the bus….”

We should be on the stage – an act with 2 straight men though…?

I told him about my journey – and handed him one of my cards (yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m now bestowed with a little something for the discerning passer by) and he said, “I’ll give it to that lot up there (his colleagues) they’re a bunch of nutters – whoops, sorry!”

“None taken,” I had to smile.

People are already beeping and smiling as I go. The weather is suspiciously good…

I set my tent up on a lovely grassy glade next to some trees – a woman, her daughter and their dog greeted me happily and listened to my travelling tales.

It was weird – she really wanted to give me something by way of food or water or something tangible – at the moment though, I’m pretty well loaded – it was nice to see her friendly frustration…she really wanted to help.

Last night my tent was encircled by at least….er….loads of….scary…well, there was an owl hooting nearby – in my dazed state of justwokenuppedness in the night, I convinced myself that sharp talons were going to rip through the canvas onto my head.


So here we are again – the weather’s good and shortly tent packing up will commence.

I’m just about to turn right off the a835 onto the a832 if anyone fancies a dander?

Walk a mile


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