15/03/12 Are you a tramp?

There’s something very satisfying about walking 20 odd miles to only find myself about 4 miles (as the cow flies) from Ullapool.

Of course they could have built a bridge across Loch Broom – but then I’d have missed the stunning scenery, the folk rebuilding a bridge and, of course, the coach party – oh, and the chance to put my tent up in a bothie.

The stunning scenery – hopefully the few photos I’ve taken will give you some notion…

There were some folk rebuilding a 120 year old bridge that goes across the 60 metre drop that is the Corrieshalloch Gorge. They welcomed me in for a cup of tea and chatting ensued.

Impressed with my journey they had a whip round. They all thrust coins into my hand – suffice is it to say I’m heavier.

Then something new happened – the 30 something female member of the group said,”where’s your tin? I don’t want to be giving my money to just anyone…”
“I don’t have one. You can have one of my cards if you like…”

I felt untrustworthy all of a sudden.
I stopped off at a huge parking space next to a wonderful viewpoint. A coach pulled up.

The passengers, from Liverpool, crowded round to hear stories – one women told me how her sister had bi-polar and was now, at the age of 61, in a nursing home. The belief was that the electro convulsive therapy she’d had when she was younger had caused irreparable damage.

“Are you a tramp?” came a voice from the side,”Are you? Are you a tramp?”
I thought about what that meant for a moment. If I’d had my wits about me I’d have asked what she meant by that. Instead, I showed them the beauty of Hubert the trailer – as of this would somehow demonstrate my non-trampiosity.

I also gave a whole bunch of them some of my (non-business) cards. Hopefully we’ll have a whole bunch of new walk a milers?

What is a tramp? Someone who walks around the place? Not an insult then.
Someone who finds a bothie (old disused house) and puts his tent up inside? Now that’s a tramp.

Maybe I’m a wanderer – cue music – I roam from town to town….

Walk a mile folks


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