31/03/12 The road from Kinlochewe to Torridon

Is one of the most stunningly beautiful roads I’ve ever had the good fortune to walk along.

It’s a single track road between some of Scotland’s most stunning hills – you enjoy this wonderful undulating scenery on a road that’s nearly flat.

Stewart had told me that the hills were striking – that they looked like Aztec temples hewn out of the rock – but nothing prepares you for it.

It was supposed to be snowing – and here I was enjoying my first sunburn of the year.

I met some guys – hunky hill climbery types, Chris and Cliff, shaking hands and telling tales of scary ridges and fine pubs down the road.

Was it something about the unnatural beauty of the place? The weather? Folk just seem to be happier – hand shakier – slap on the backier…

Is it me, or do other folk play little vignettes of long past TV programmes to fill in gaps in their lives as they wander about the place…?

For example – that bit at the end of the Hulk (the series) that finds Bruce Banner hitching his way to his next adventure;

That bit where David Carradine walks off into the sunset at the end of ‘Kung- Fu’ – top notch ‘70’s drama where a peace loving monk always seems to end up using violence as a last resort, battering baddies around the USA…?

Or that bit of the littlest Hobo where the theme song strikes up, “There’s a voice that keeps on calling me, down the road that’s where I want to be…”
It is just me, isn’t it…go on, talk amongst yourselves….

I love this road – just 10 miles long – as soon as I’ve got some interweb connection – I’ll get in touch with my friend Jan, who had been involved with a disabled rambling group – they should go there…you should go there…

I was met at the Torridon youth hostel by Emily – she seemed delighted with the world and all that’s in it – she’d been swimming in the loch earlier – in a wetsuit – I remember doing a bit of the open water stuff myself – feeling manly in a wetsuit until a girl of 12 swims past just in her swimsuit.

She booked me in and let me wander about the place. There’s a room there called the panoramic lounge – and the views from it are beautiful.

Anyway – a great day that started with a free breakfast and ended with the best shower – bar none – in the world.

And a proper bed.

Walk a mile


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