03/08/12 There’s always someone a bit more….

Isn’t it amazing, there’s always someone doing something a bit more…you know, crazier than you…

And so it was I met Darren and Robert – they were cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for Darren’s daughter who has learning disabilities and lives in sheltered accommodation.

The place where she stays provides the fundamentals of day to day living – but for anything above and beyond? Well, that’s where your endurance cycling comes in.

Just like the endurance cycling required for duck islands, cleaning out swimming pools, plasma screen TV’s…the three of us became a bit MP bitter quite rapidly – long memories and all that.

But these two guys from Paisley were really cheery – it was great to meet them on the edge of the A whatever to exchange stories that concluded that the folk of the UK are a fine bunch.

Particularly the guy they’d recently overtaken who had decided to complete the same journey as them…on a unicycle – with a wheel like a penny-farthing – I was bound to see him they said.

I think I might have gone to bed a bit early because…well, even I would have spotted…wouldn’t I ?

On the subject of crazy endeavours, the other day I was looking for somewhere to rest my weariness when suddenly, there before me, was an expanse of grass hugging the edge of a sea loch – Loch Feochen.

I assumed grass wasn’t the biggest fan of sea water so concluded that the tide was in…I mean, what kind of grass would be stupid enough to live under salt water for half the day?

Well, quicker than I could ask Ella about the tidal movements in the region, I watched as the sea rushed in, in some mean attempt to leave me cut off from the mainland.

Quick as an arthritic ox, I was on my feet – for one fleeting moment I thought about doing a king Canute – maybe he just lacked focus…?

I found somewhere lovely to stick my tent and it all turned out to be lovely and safe.

Today I had a chat with a woman in a shop, “Oh, we don’t have any of that (mental health problems) around here…there’s a hospital (Lochgilphead psychiatric hospital) up the road there…”



Was she implying that the hospital worked like some black hole for your folk with mental maladies? That because there was a hospital mental illness anywhere else had been eradicated?

Well, thank goodness for that.
Wait a second…I feel the pull…

There’s always someone…


Walk a Mile


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