8/10/12 You don’t always get what you want


I woke up to the magnificent view of Arran – that and a steady procession of happy dog walkers.

A fine way to start the day.

I linked up with the number 73 Sustrans cycle path and I was away.

I smiled a lot. People smiled right back. The weather, the scenery, the happy bouncy dogs made it all very easy.

I wandered past the Ardrossan train station I’d used all that time ago when I got off the ferry from Arran.

Just a fleeting thought – I don’t even know what was – unfamiliar familiarity?

I walked round the corner to see what I’d missed the last time – a huge sweeping beach up to Saltcoats – I imagined over dressed Victorians taking their wagons up to the sea so they can swallow pints of healthy sea water.

I felt lost in time – almost like the world should be in a sepia black and white…

I met a few guys sitting under a shelter – they were locals and they knew of a local campsite that would meet my roaming needs.

One guy pulled out a detailed map of the area.

I’ve got to say in all my years of living in Corby I never felt the urge to carry such a detailed facsimile of my home town.

Yet here was this 50 something man…

I now had a clear idea where I was going…

I met a couple, a brother and sister, who were going my way. They were friendly and chatty – from Edinburgh and they spoke highly of the Sandylands holiday park that was my journeys end for the day.

I was suddenly aware that a red car had pulled over next to us. An older man with a dashing moustache smiled at me.

He asked if he could film me on his video camera.

The idea of an 85 year old man – who I found out had had a stroke – brandishing this wonderful piece of high techness made me smile.

No I didn’t get his name – or a photo – yes, I’m rubbish…

I walked into Sandylands – a wide expanse of stationary caravans – hoping that they would allow me to pitch my tent.

After a short chat it was told that it would absolutely fine to make the holiday park my temporary home…

There was a bit of chat in the background – Liz, the manager, asked me…if I didn’t mind…instead of putting my tent up…they had a 6 berth caravan thing with heating, microwave, toaster, tv, 4 single and 1 double bed….


You can find them here…


After a most relaxing night, they made me coffee and furnished me with a Tunnocks tea cake and a club biscuit.

I love the fact that folk feel so comfortable throwing such wonderful hospitality in return for a tale of wandering and derring do.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Walk a mile




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