25/11/12 News doesn’t happen, it’s created…

So we had the Rochdale 3. The little group of Eastern European children who lost their foster placement because a social worker mistakingly decided that a placement with a UKIP voting couple was tantamount to sleeping with Adolf….

Thank goodness the BBC and the Telegraph were at hand to identify this heinous piece of malpractice driven by the loony left labour administration of this particular northern town.

Did you see anywhere in the reports that Rochdale is about to have a by-election?

Me neither.

November the 29th – no wonder the media was flooded with…flooded with what exactly?

What was a mistaken act of a social worker became the folly if the whole council.

Wasn’t it positively heart warming that the government, right up to the dizzying heights of Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, cried out in defence of these vulnerable Eastern European children?

Or perhaps they were defending the human rights of the foster parents?

I’ve got to say, I’m more than a little irked that I’ve been duped by this little bit of party politicking.

So, to summarise – the children were pawns – the foster parents were pawns – the social workers? Well, they’re collateral damage – I’m sure the loony left council needed a change in children and families personnel anyway…

This was nothing more than a cynical use and abuse of a handful of people by folk who really ought to know better – or, worse still, by people who actually believe they know better.

Shame on you ‘The Telegraph’; ditto the BBC and all the other media outlets who blew this episode up into something it wasn’t.

The politicians? Well, they just can’t help themselves, can they?

Walk a mile


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