31/01/13 Fieldwork

I met a couple of smiling fellows on the road between Kircudbright and Castle Douglas.

I was taking a rest on the side of the road. It has been wet and windy. The trees, the fields and the hedgerows look in a state of shock.

Wildlife has been scarce – the birds that normally chum me on my way are afraid to take off for fear of ending up in Norway.

I told my fellow travellers about the sacred quest – offering them one of my none business cards. I plunged my hand into my pocket to find…paper mâché…

Yum…I peeled the mulch apart and handed over one of the more card looking cards.

He accepted it with a smile and placed it in his map wallet where it will be drier than it’s ever been. He gave me the look that said,”Aw look, the crazy man really thinks he’s giving me a business card – best play along,”

They went off with a smile and a wave.

The clouds were (are still) racing across the sky – I can almost hear their cries of joy…

Finding a suitable field to tent up for the night was problematic. We have the right to roam here in Scotland so, as long as I don’t cause any criminal damage, I can pretty much camp where I like.

That said…I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to Hubert for dragging him through squelchy areas he’d rather not go. In one field, during an exploratory ramble, we nearly got stuck as the grass sank into the mud beneath my feet.

Having pitched up last night I was lucky enough to witness some of the best tent endurance to be seen on the walk. Horizontal rain and crazy wind just about covers it.

The wind has managed to get underneath the tent. If I close my eyes I can pretend I’m floating on an air bed…in the Atlantic…in a force 9 gale…

I might just stay here until June.

Walk a mile


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2 Responses to 31/01/13 Fieldwork

  1. Colin Kerr says:

    Hey, Chris, it is now 2013!

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