04/02/13 Quite Interesting

A short time ago a good friend of mine drew my attention to a Quite Interesting fact in the book of the same name.

The fact related to the Falklands war. During the conflict 255 servicemen lost their lives.

Since then, 264 veterans have taken their own lives.

Put simply, more servicemen from the Falklands conflict have lost their lives to suicide than were killed in the field of battle.

These were the figures around 2010 – reported in the Daily Mail here

There’s more on this around the Internet – but you get the picture.

Add to this the war in Iraq/ Afghanistan/ perhaps Mali/ Iran/ coming to a theatre of war near you soon…

We hear regularly how a young British/ American/ western soldier has lost their lives fighting old men’s wars…oh yes, and some foreigners might have died too…

But what about the wholesale slaughter that is happening here and now, far away from the guns.

You may question why young men and women go to war. Perhaps it’s to pursue a career, opportunities that they might not have or perceive at home. Maybe they believe in weapons of mass destruction, the Taliban, the threat of al Qaeda…who knows?

The draw of the recruitment office, a family forces history?

I’ll not flood you with links – suffice is it to say that wholesale suicide is happening today in the UK and the States by veterans of spurious wars who, for whatever reason believed they were doing the right thing.

And where are those news reports?

Every day we hear about the threat of extreme Islamists – terrorists – god knows whattists and yet, by far the biggest threat to any man under 35 in Western society is themselves.

Billions of dollars and pounds are spent every year chasing around the world looking for a punch up with any foreign power that has the audacity to have oil and not think the same way as we do.

And yet here we have cuts to services, a fear of talking about mental health problems and an overall whitewash, a pretence that everything is dandy.

Every day in the UK around 15 people take their own lives – that’s over 5000 a year, 75% of whom are men.

Tell me how much is being spent to right that wrong?

Walk a mile


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