19/02/13 There’s always the Sun…

It reminded me of when I started walking all that time ago…seemingly against all the odds, the sun shone warmly on my back.

And the silence! It’s amazing how something so simple can take me back to so many places… I was momentarily on Eigg…on the long quiet single track roads on the west coast…wood pigeons, starlings and jackdaws encouraging me on my way.

I miss the skylarks though.

As with so many parts of my walk I had no idea what to expect from this part of the country.

It’s flat – very flat – the floodplains make the sky seem very big – it feels like I’m getting my full value full money with the day – the sun setting at 5.30 with the temperature dropping accordingly.

I’m still unclear as to where the story lies with the right to roam in England – I’ve camped next to the river Eden – I’m listening to radio 4’s PM with Eddie Mair – I’m tucked in the Chrisalis wearing a balaclava, charging my phone with one of my many batteries.

I’m not sure if it’s the promise of spring – I saw some lambs in Warwickshire before I came up, snowdrops and some promising daffodil shoots have helped too – but I’ve a definite feeling of optimism for this next year.

I’ve just found out that I’m going to be part of the Corby walking festival – I’m going to be there, in my home town between the 29th of April through to the 6th of May.

On the 6th of May at 11am I’ll be part of a…er…something, walking from Corby’s boating lake to er…somewhere else…hopefully telling tales of derring do and getting the opportunity to hear the stories of others.

So, that’ll be different.

People have been waving and smiling as I’ve bowled along – tomorrow I’ll be in Silloth – it sounds like something out of lord of the rings – but it was a regular holiday destination of Margaret Forster.

To be honest, young Ella and I took a glance there – enjoying some seaside fayre before setting me loose on the public. I’ll be there tomorrow – I’ll be able to look more closely perhaps, enjoy the locals, maybe talk to some early tourists.

I’ll post up a bunch of pictures too.

I’ve taken to looking at my southerly route on my iphone – exploring cycle paths – making sure I miss busy roads…and…well…who knows what?

I watch out for the weather too…I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Walk a Mile


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