06/04/13 ‘Osborne: why should State fund people like Philpott?’ The Daily Telegraph, 5/4/13

Why should the state fund people like Philpott? Philpott, the controlling, bullying, violent and ultimately murderous man responsible for the death of six children, supposedly in his care, apparently because he wanted more welfare benefits…

Why should the state fund people like him?

What does a front page headline like this say? What does it imply?

That Mick Philpott is a murderer?

That he’s on benefits?

That he’s a benefit scrounger?

That everyone on benefits are scroungers?

That people on benefits are duplicitous and violent killers?

What does Osborne mean when he says,’…people like Philpott?’

The thing is, there’s nobody like Philpott. That’s why the story was spread all over the media – it was news – it was different. Thankfully, we live in a country where this kind of thing is very rare.

A cynical mind would suggest Mr Osborne was trying to get us to associate this individual with the two and a half million folk who receive job seekers allowance…an even more cynical mind would suggest that he’s trying to link everyone on benefits to Philpott.

Some might say he’s trying to score political points.

But what does that mean? If he can get more and more people to despise the poor, it will mean he can make more swingeing cuts to welfare.

…people like Philpott…

You wouldn’t want your hard earned taxes going to evil, despicable people like him, would you?

Osborne wants us to draw parallels between this man and other folk on welfare benefits.

This is not just political point scoring. This is incitement to hatred – nothing less.

In the UK there are laws against this kind of thing – if someone incites hatred towards individuals because of race, religion or sexuality then, quite rightly, they’ll feel the full force of the law.

But there’s a gap here – many politicians and much of the media have happily laid into the poor and vulnerable of society, labelling them lazy, work shy, dishonest and now, morally corrupt…

They’re not like you…they need tough love…

Two and a half million people lumped together for no reason other than the fact that they are in receipt of the princely sum of £71.70 per week, £56.80 if you’re under 25 from the state, in a country that, for whatever reason, has 2 million too few jobs.

It’s easy to demonise this group when you’ve had access to the best education, unpaid internships that you can afford because of your families wealth….and so on.

And then there’s the rest of us who get much of our information about the bone idle classes through the media….

The hard workers – the same group who’ve just had their child benefits cut – not, I would suggest, to save the country a relatively paltry sum, but to divide us further. If I don’t get benefits, why the hell should these lazy bastards get it?

The vast majority of these people are you and me…imagine yourself without the few lucky rolls of the dice you’ve had.

Me? I’ve got to where I am purely on my own merit…if you work hard, you’ll reap your rewards.

Imagine though, growing up in a world where there’s little hope – where you’re not like these people in proper jobs, with professions, with a good education behind them.

Where do you start if you don’t know where to start?

We live in a fabulous country, packed full of wonderful, generous and kind folk who simply ooze potential.

Our country, our government, we should start there with our people.

Alienation may work for Mr Osborne – if we discredit and demonise this huge group of people then we can happily cut what they get. It’s all they deserve after all for being…

For being.

Make no mistake, this is incitement to hate. All I have to say is,


We don’t have to stand for this

Walk a mile


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