Ripples 26/05/13

A thousand years ago, when I started this ramble, I stressed the point that love, kindness, generosity and trust were every bit as contagious as hate and prejudice.

Very early on in my journey I met a man who galvanised my faith in my fellow folk.

I wrote a blog about him here – if you’ve time, take a look…

The other day I received this sad email from his son…

‘Hi Chris. Thank you for your kind words about your encounter with my dad. I’m sad to say that dad died earlier this week after struggling with cancer over the past year. Whilst digging into dad’s background, the undertaker stumbled across your blog. You summed up my dad to a tee, so much so that we asked the minister read out your blog as part of the eulogy. Dad would have been pleasantly surprised to find himself on the interweb. Thank you. The Young Donald Sutherland’

I’m not afraid to say I shed a tear.

It was obvious that I wasn’t the only person who’d experienced the kindness of this lovely man.

Please share this in any way you can.

Walk a mile


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