15/10/13 On the road again

‘Distant’ is the word that described me well over the past few days.

Probably for the first time I was anxious about throwing myself to the vagaries of the good people of the UK.

And what a strange place to experience such doubt – Liverpool – the city that thinks it’s a village with the friendly openness of its inhabitants.

I knew this fear and uncertainty existed purely in me – but it was tricky for the lovely Ella to release me to the world with such a demeanour.

To be honest, she obviously doesn’t care – she walked off from the ferry port with hardly a look back…

In reality – what a difficult position to put her in. Over the last 3 months she’s seen me in every shade of mental – and here she was, against her better judgement, setting me free.

Gradually though…

A border collie appeared from nowhere on the riverside – urging anyone and everyone to throw his plastic toy for him.

Soon we were a little community laughing at his antics.

Derek phoned when I was on the ferry – unfortunately the infotainment on the tannoi provided by Gerry (and the pacemakers) Marsden made it impossible to have a conversation.

Which is just as well because I wanted to say ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ ; ‘What happens if I get arrested for vagrancy?’ ; ‘What happens if I’ve got nowhere to put my tent?’

God, I would have whinged.

But the world was really having none of that…

I phoned Mind on the Wirral. They’re just a few hundred yards from the ferry terminal, I thought it would be rude not to drop in.

A friendly voice answered and invited me round.

Sandra was every bit as friendly as her voice and soon I was happily ensconced in the office meeting loads of folk – being shown around the drop in centre – the cafe – the comprehensive training section – the vast array of rooms for relaxation, training, chatting, meeting, knitting and nattering (with the emphasis on the natter), I got to have a quick chat with the anxiety and depression group before being whisked away for my steak pie tea and a guide around the place to ensure I get the most out if my stay here.


Didn’t I say?

Ladies and gentlemen and Christopher stress no more. British hospitality is alive and well in the Wirral.

Tonight I’ll be staying in their drop in centre – my supper has been left for me – and I’ll be watching the footy on the telly.

All together now ‘But they’ve only just met me!’

It’s lovely to be in amongst so many like minded folk, fighting the good fight who are willing to go those extra miles to improve the lives of others.

You can find out about them and what they do here
Today it was my turn.

I’ll stop being a silly arse now.

Walk a mile


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