06/11/13 Devil, work, idle hands…

One of the great things about taking some scheduled time off the sacred ramble is that I get to see more of the lovely Ella and other chums…

But I don’t want to talk about that – the other thing is having uninterrupted time to think.

How do we develop the walk a mile thing?

Well, I’ve a cunning plan to expand it into regular talks as I go around the place and/ or scheduled elsewhere.

On the 22nd of November I’ll be talking to a group of 6th formers – I’m really looking forward to it, I think this’ll be a great bunch to talk to about all things mental healthy and rambly.

Similarly, I’ve got something coming up in February – there’s a Rotary Club who want to have a chat about the same.

Even furtherly furthermore, it looks like a walky talkie rambly thing will be going on in and around the Corby area next May. The last one went swimmingly – I’m sure this will be more if the same…

I want to do more of that though. If any of you fine folk know of any groups/ courses – university/ FE college etc who you feel may be interested in looking at mental health and/ or rambly stuff then please have a think/ give them a prod.

If you want to discuss any ideas you have, please get in touch with me directly.

Now, this next bit might be pie in the sky – but bear with me.

When I was off with the lunacy – I had the good fortune to watch a bit of docutainment – ‘The Wipers Times’ – the story of how a group of front line soldiers in Ipres, France, found an old printing press and started the production of a satirical paper during the First World War.

I got to thinking that if they could bang something funny/ satirical out during such adverse conditions, then we could do something similar.

Are there any of you walk a milers who would like to get involved with a bit of a flight of fancy?

I have nothing here except for an idea. I’d love to produce something on paper – but I appreciate that’s completely impractical given this fandangled digital age.

So, anyone who wants a platform for their rapier wit/ wants to hone their editorial skills/ webmastery talents; anyone who feels able to bang out caustic cartoons and/ or other artwork, or people who have their fingers on the political pulse who are simply bursting with cynical artistry, or folk who would like to audition for the post of agony aunt/ uncle…

If anyone feels the world would benefit from their flavour of ‘on the coal face’ rantings then get in touch – wether it be from the perspective of loon, supporter or professional – there is often something to laugh at, er with.

Any ideas for regular features also happily embraced.

Working title
‘Voices’ thanks to Stefan Gambrell for that idea.

Just to be clear – there’s no money! This will be a blagazine

I think I’ve just made a word up…comments?

Anyway, you get the idea.

Form an orderly queue.

Walk a mile


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