15/01/14 Who you gonna call? SAFE HAVEN!!!

When you’re feelin’ sad in your neighbourhood,
Who you gonna call? SAFE HAVEN!

When you’re feeling bad inside your head,

Who you gonna call? SAFE HAVEN!!

Yeah, ok, I’m not a lyricist – I’m sure somebody out there is – suggestions to… https://www.facebook.com/pleasesavesafehaven

Yesterday I spent an evening with Ronan (deputy manager) and Gloria (fabulous person) at Corby’s out of hours crisis service for people with mental health problems.

They provide phone support for the whole of Northamptonshire and drop in support – transport provided – for those in crisis in the North Northamptonshire area.

Safe Haven is a warm, understated, friendly place that provides just that – a Safe Haven for the people who require it’s service.

Every year, this essential service has to reapply for funding to ensure it’s very existence. Every year there are doubts, fears and failures as income streams appear and vanish.

How can you run a service like this?

The dedicated team at Safe Haven support us, people when we’re at our lowest, when mental ill health has entered our lives, unbidden, often because of loss – loss of a loved one – loss of identity through disability or through the loss of work.

They are there when we reach the end if our tether.

One in four of us will be struck by some manner if mental health problem at some point of our lives. That’s 15 million people in the UK, 15 thousand in Corby.

But when you take into account the ripples that reach friends and families, then the impact is far greater, the reach of the problem far wider.

These people who stand in the frontline demand our respect. They deserve to feel secure in their posts, they deserve to be able to plan how to develop their wonderful service in the medium to long term.

Like their service users, they need time to think.

But are they cost effective? In these times of austerity…


They divert folk away from other, often inappropriate mainstream services like A&E who are often ill equipped to deal with folk with a mental health problem – where often the situation escalates leading to inappropriate sectioning wasting valuable resources and causing huge distress. They divert folk away from 999 services – without services like Safe Haven – people will phone the police, ambulance services – anyone.

In an ideal world, Safe Haven would expand, offering a crisis bed for folk as needed – and, trust me, it’s needed – to give people counselling by trained staff in a warm, homely none institutional setting, enabling them to think through their crisis.

Safe Haven would provide more counselling to a wider population. They could support already stretched GP practices and other frontline services.

Their funding, as it stands, runs out at the end of March. Sure, Janice the manager can juggle with figures, lay people off, but all that will be left is a spectre, a spirit, a ghost if this wonderful service.

Then, who you gonna call?

Join the SAVE SAFE HAVEN Facebook group here and offer your support


Walk a mile


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