19/01/14 A week in the life of…

Janice, the manager of Safe Haven, met me at her door of her home in Corby, with a warm smile and friendly chat as I crashed into her world with Hubert, my trailer and Darth II, my rucksack bouncing off her walls.

Probably sounds familiar to the folks who’ve put me up over the past couple of years.

I was welcomed in with great encouragement to make myself at home.

Which I did – I have – I think she’ll have some difficulty getting rid of me, a bit like some stubborn woodworm.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind where I’ve done my best to walk in Janice’s shoes…

She’s a manager of a mental health service that has lost it’s core funding – I’d love to make a lot more noise about the whys and wherefores of that – but maybe that’s for the future – a project that’s provided an out of hours crisis service to people with mental health problems throughout Northamptonshire for the past 15 years.

She wants to keep it going. The service might have to adapt, it might have to morph into something a little different…

but for now, I’m talking about Janice.

She has whizzed me around the place – I’ve been to the safe Haven – I’ve met the staff – I’ve met service users who wanted to speak with me – I’ve met councillor John McGhee who’s got right behind the campaign by arranging a sponsored run – take a look here –


we’ve met with and spoken to other interested parties, we’ve been in the radio, we’re gradually piecing a plan of action together…

Did I mention that Janice has a visual impairment? That she has long term heart disease, and probably suffered a recent heart attack? That she has diabetes? That, last Sunday, a very close friend of hers died suddenly?

And yet we’re cracking on with Saving Safe Haven.

If you’re interested, there’s a public meeting being held at The Corby Cube at 7pm on the 27th of January…

Hmmm…there, I’ve done it again, it’s so difficult to separate Janice from the whole Safe Haven thing…

Facebook –


Twitter –


Did I mention the warmth of welcome and the great hospitality I’ve been bathing in, whilst this battle’s going on around us?

And so it continues.

Walk a mile


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