13/02/14 Save Safe Haven!

We need £24 thousand NOW!


The Safe Haven in Corby provides an out of hours crisis service for people with mental health problems in the Northamptonshire area.

We provide phone support to all of the county during these times and a comfortable, homely drop in service, including transport, to people in North Northamptonshire.

People who contact Safe Haven can be given counselling and support from qualified and experienced staff in the middle if the night.

More structured counselling can be offered during regular office hours.

We have lost our funding and we urgently require £24 thousand now to keep us operating until the end of June while we apply for larger, long term grants.

Corby Borough Council provide us with a building with 10 rooms and they pay for 6 hours if counselling a week.

Without your help NOW the service will become a shadow of it’s former self.

You can turn up to the one mile sponsored run/ walk at Corby’s boating lake at 10am on Saturday 15th of February.


What better way could there be to get over the disappointment of Valentine’s Day?

Alternatively, you could go to the big night out on the 7th of March (the day after my birthday) at Corby’s Grampian Club with live bands, a disco, a raffle with some great prizes…some not so great, but how else am I supposed to get rid of Aunty Mary’s chutney? And…Spike the poet!

You can get in touch with me directly for tickets or just turn up on the night.

Don’t lose Safe Haven…that would just be crazy, wouldn’t it?

Walk a Mile


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