11/4/14 The 300

Imagine, it’s the 8th of March, 2014…

Over the next 3 weeks the hopes and dreams of 300 folk, 300 lives that once shone brightly with passion and wonder, wide eyed, loving and laughing, gradually begin to fade and die.

It’s ok though, the media from every continent bellows that this will never happen again. 14 Nations are drawn together with a ‘Sense of Brotherhood’ promising to find out what happened, to pick through the wreckage of these lives, cut short all too soon, no expense will be spared.

Even though hope of finding anyone alive has been lost, the search continues…what could have happened?

Who’s responsible?

But tragically, for the people I’m talking about, there is no black box pinging in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, although the debris and the devastation is still there for so many to see.

The clues are there.

Something must be done!

But these aren’t some folk who mysteriously vanished on flight MH370 on the other side of the planet.

These are the 100 people who die every week in the UK – individuals who have run out of hope, choices, a future for whatever reason.

People who take their own lives – over 5 thousand people every year – the biggest killer of men under 35 on these here islands of ours – people who have the audacity not to be celebrities but who are, nonetheless valuable, beautiful, magnificent and incredible.

Where’s the concerted effort to get to the root of it all? The willingness to spare no expense? That sense of brotherhood?

What makes our 300 citizens different from the 235 souls lost on that Malaysian airlines flight?

What would the world’s media be saying if the brotherhood of forces were held back due to austerity and efficiency savings?

‘What about the risk to those future travellers?’ the world would, quite rightfully, scream.

But why this conspiracy of silence? This compassion on the cheap? This, ‘it’s their own fault for getting on the plane,’ kind of attitude? This weird view that if we help now we’ll just create dependency…insert your own ridiculous, embarrassing parallel/ parody here…

Only 13% of the NHS budget is spent on mental ill health.


To pinch the tag line of a fine organisation – it’s time to change.

Walk a mile


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