14/4/14 Smoke and Mirrors

Are we all enjoying the Oscar Pristorious debacle? How could he…? Did she…? Four shots, I mean…

And what about that 9 month Pakistani child accused of murder? Hey, they have some funny ways, don’t they…

They’ve sent a submarine down to look for that plane…I wonder if they’ll…

Back at home, 25 schools are being probed over an ‘Islamic Plot’- it’s those Islamists (what is an Islamist incidentally, by the way?) up to their shenanigans again…

Oh and, *cough, by the way, *mumble, a recent study has found, *good god, look over there, you don’t see one of those every day…, that 55% of teachers questioned report that work pressures are having a detrimental effect on their mental well being.

Of those teachers who did feel their job had damaged their mental health, many reported experiencing stress (80%), exhaustion (69%), disturbed sleep patterns (66%), anxiety (57%) and headaches (47%). Almost one in three said it had affected their appetite.’

Is this in the mainstream news? Well, yes it is…but is it in the mainstream bit of the mainstream news?

No. The BBC have it so tucked away that it takes mental health nerds to dig it out. Even the Guardian has hidden it away in the education part of their paper.

Who reads the education section?


The same group of folk who are most likely to spot that over half of their colleagues are being driven mad by the endless cascade of tests, OFSTED inspections, a cast of thousands in their classes…

The same group of people who’re unlikely to seek help for fear of it fucking up their prospects for promotion in their chosen profession.

This is mainstream news – this effects us all – why isn’t it mainstream?

In other news –

‘Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi must do one year’s community service over tax fraud, a Milan court has ruled.’

Hold the front page…

Walk a mile


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