09/06/14 More of the same really

As I waved Ella off this morning I was mindful of the dark clouds approaching.

The BBC weather website had promised rain coming down in stair rods…

A bit of doubt – but hey, I’m well prepared…

But what happens if the people I meet aren’t very, er…walkamiley?

What happens if I don’t meet anyone?

My mind flew back to that day when I first walked out of Edinburgh.

I had no doubt.

People are fabulous, hospitable, trusting and trustworthy…

The weather report suggested on that day suggested that biblical floods were to be expected – and then the sun shone for 2 weeks.

And, as you well know, people have been fabulous.

No change there, then.

The weather today has been lovely…

No change…

I met an older (than me) couple, Ed a friend of his. We chatted – exchanged stories – d’you know, he walked the pennine way in 1977 with no tent and nowhere to stay?

Anyway, he liked the cut of my jib, and £5 was thrust into my hand – ideally for a lager shandy, he said.

On a slight deviation to earlier walkamile behaviour, I thought it would be a great idea to contact the office of the local MP, Hywell Williams.

What a friendly and enthusiastic bunch! Do you know he used to be a mental health social worker?

We’re trying to set up a chat with him – he’s in London until Friday.

So I’m looking forward to that.

I met enthusiastic police support officer lady. To cut a long story short, her enthusiasm for what I’m doing put a bounce in my step.

Then I met the group of 40 something old chaps, old university friends who meet up from time to time – on this occasion to walk the 100 miles around the Llynn peninsula (100 miles?! I thought it was only…back to map reading school for me).

I told them what I was up to – they told me about their friend who’d taken his own life – although he’d had his troubles, it still came as a surprise to them. We talked about self stigma – how embarrassment stops open and frank discussion – how, men especially, when asked how they are almost invariably end up talking about football.

I told them a few walkamile (best said in the same way you used to shout ‘CRACKERJACK’ (ask your parents)) stories, and they collectively thrust £60 into my hands.

In other news – I’m not as fit as I was those months ago, before I got involved in a variety of shenanigans, so I’m not exactly gobbling up the miles.

I’m camping in a site that, er, underlooks the lovely mount Snowden, listening to the radio…

Nothing very different to report…

It’s all rather lovely…

Walk a mile


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3 Responses to 09/06/14 More of the same really

  1. Teen says:

    Good to read you are back on the road Chris.. be vigilant o these pesky Welsh ticks, may the wind aye be at yer back, Teen, Stew and Skye X

  2. chrismcleary says:

    Sounds like the enthusiasm is still there for it. Good. People are usually very open when you are. And sometimes feed you :-). Familiar view in that photo hah

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