04/07/14 A great day to bury bad news?

Rolf Harris?

Andy Coulson?

The launch of a great big aircraft carrier at Rosyth?

A stabbing of a teacher in France?

The funeral of a Palestinian teenager – possibly the victim of an Israeli revenge attack?

Oh, and pesky old British Gas have set up a £1 million compensation fund for mis-selling to customers?

By the way…mumble…look over there, you don’t see one of THOSE every day…the er Government’s, well, I mean, the Department for Work and Pensions’ workfare scheme, where people on benefits get paid as little as £1.60 an hour so they don’t get ‘something for nothing’, has been found, er, wanting…

‘The High Court has ruled emergency laws underpinning a government back-to-work scheme are “incompatible” with the European Convention on Human Rights.’
…was reported on the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ part of the BBC News today

Paul Heron, of Public Interest Lawyers has been fighting the corner of the victims of workfare…

‘About £130m was owed to people who had fallen foul of the retrospective legislation, he said, ranging from four weeks’ benefit, about £250, to several thousand pounds.’

£130 million? That’s a bit more than British Gas’s misdemeanour…

The government are appealing – by which I don’t mean I find them attractive.

In other news…

We are the 6th wealthiest country in the world…

Less than 0.5% of disability benefits are claimed fraudulently…

I haven’t met ANYONE…by which I mean a single person who is happy to live out their lives of worklessness on £58 per week.

And I’ve met quite a few folk as a social worker and a wandering loon.

People sanctioned by the department of work and pensions for all kinds of nonsense can lose their benefits for anything between a week and 3 years.

People with mental health problems are hugely over-represented in the sanctioned group.


And what on earth are we doing getting anywhere near falling foul of human rights legislation?

This isn’t tough love!

Yes, I know I’m ranting…

Walk a Mile


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