27/07/14 Walk a Mile Is back…The return to Pwllheli

Mad dogs and Englishmen, so they say, go out in the midday sun. I’ll be back in that lovely part of Wales tomorrow having made a somewhat rash decision to walk on the coastal path as opposed to the roads.

As with the rest of the ramble, let’s see how it goes.

My knee is cured – not in a joint of ham sort of way – although recipes are welcome – and my shoulder’s as good as it’s going to get.

I’ll be walking in accordance with the official walk a mile summer timetable – up just before dawn and ramble until it gets uncomfortable. (Roughly just before the midday sun)

Join me! Walk with me (I don’t move terribly quickly, so don’t get any crazy notions of me striding out at speed); failing that, sit with me, tell me some/ part of/ any of your story – or just join me as I gaze upon the beauty of the Welsh coast.

If you feel the urge, you can offer me any manner of hospitality you like, from a peanut M&M to the attic room next to your Auntie May.

For those of you who may not know, Pwllheli is on the north west coast of Wales – I’ll be walking from there in a southerly direction with my trusty trailer, Hubert, my rucksack, Darth II, with Wilson the cuddly turtle strapped to the back.

You can phone me on 07535 035909

Or email me at c.mcculloughyoung@btinternet.com

Twitter me @walkamileuk

Or join the group on Facebook here

If you don’t like social media, you can just follow the blog here

Or see the trailer to the film here

If you have a rush of blood to the head, feel free to read about the journey through the eyes of others

and here – (on pages 40-43)

I’ve also been in the Scottish Sun (the paper – not the weather) here

Yes, I’m a media whore.

You can give to my chosen charities here

Join me. Let’s continue to make a noise about mental ill health.

Walk a Mile


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