16/12/14 Walkamile Rebooted

Please share this. I need you.

Up until the other day this blog was going to be called ‘Walkamile Reloaded’, however, thanks to the wisdom of my friend Mark, I reconsidered.

Up until lunchtime today, this blog was going to be a bit of a vitriolic rant, a rage against the machine.

You’d have heard my opinion on ‘Talking about Borderline Personality Disorder’, a film by Mind that I felt fell short of informing the public.

I’d planned to spill on my experience of trauma, neglect and abuse – what it was like to be hospitalised, misdiagnosed, mismedicated – how I went through various forms of therapy and inputs from professionals – mostly helpful – some laughable.

I was going to bang on about how I was finally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in my early 40’s, when I’d finally lost control – at the same time choosing to come clean about ALL my symptoms.

I’m sure you’d have been emotionally wrung out as I recounted tales of being disabled out of my job, presenting as homeless, applying for disability benefits, and being put in a 3rd floor flat, with easy to open windows, after telling the staff at housing I had the suicidal ideation.

I could talk about how people on benefits have become pariahs, pilloried and blamed for causing our economy to crumble WHEN IT WASN’T them wot did it – I could talk about the effect the huge cuts in services has had on millions…

I would have been nearing the end of this particular chapter of my story as I explained the misery and Hell of waiting a year for open ended, group psychotherapy, which was excellent by the way…

A service that no longer exists.

All of this could have been distilled into ‘Borderline Personality Disorder is a pain in the fucking arse and the good ship UK isn’t particularly well set up to support people with this and other mental health maladies’


Sure, it’s important to raise awareness, but after months of being mental I want to talk about something else…


Over the past few months I’ve put on weight and lost fitness. I decided to take time to be as ready for the ramble as I can be when I return to it in Spring.

In the meantime, I’ve been talking to folk.

What would happen if walkamile became a charity in it’s own right?

What could that be? What could we do?

I’m 50 in March – I thought it might be an idea to have a walkamile HOOLIE, involving you fine people, where we’d share ideas, work together, TALK, meet people like us and PLAN for the future of this whole escapade.

‘Where could we have such an event?’ I hear you cry.

Well, er, you see, a friend of mine, Donna, has just bought a church hall/ community centre – a venue that she wants to be used for shenanigans such as these, in the town of my birth, Corby.

In my ideal world we’d work hard to provide HOSPITALITY to the people who’ve been involved, or who’d like to be involved, in the journey in any way we can.

I want to complete the walk – continue talking – doing presentations – working with schools, colleges and any groups who want to listen (even if they aren’t fully aware of that yet) – with more people involved, more of us walking and talking, we could make louder noise to a wider audience.

What about an Internet radio talk show where folk could share their stories? We could call it, although any suggestions would be very welcome, RADIO RENTAL.

What about a quarterly Internet magazine?

What about….?

What about….?

Walk a mile


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