12/01/15 I Love You

Yes, I know it sounds creepy, yes, I know we haven’t met. I don’t know that much…scratch that…I don’t know ANYTHING about you.

Well, ANYTHING is a bit of an exaggeration. I saw this guy on the news – I think he’s a bit like you – he votes for, you know, that party…you know the one I mean.

I know he’s not you – but look at the similarities – he’s the same colour, probably the same class and I’m guessing your beliefs are the same.

I reckon we’ve got more similarities than differences, you and I.

I think we’ll just click when we meet – not that we have to, meet, I mean – I just know you’ll love me too.

I saw that some folk like you…well, let’s be honest, like us, did some, what could be described as, bad things…

You know, and I know, this was obviously hugely out of character – or, failing that, it was something that had to be done. These people, let’s call them our family, I just trust that they’ll do the right thing.

Yes, yes, you’re right, sometimes people make mistakes…

I knew this guy…yeah, HIM, you know – he votes for THEM – and do you know what HE believes in…?

No, no, you’re right, fair point, but look at him, he’s exactly the same as that nutter who…

The thing is…well the thing is, he’s not like us – THEY’RE not like us…

Yes, yes, ok, but I saw it in the news – just look at what THEY’RE doing!

Hey now, no, that’s not fair – some of my best friends are…

You’re right – difference is good – I mean, if we were all the same, well, we’d end up like THEM.

Fucking clones the lot of them. I’m glad we’re not like that.

I love you.

Yes, we do have to keep ourselves safe – I know, I know, they’re fucking dangerous – I mean, they’ll say one thing to your face and…

D’you remember….? Yes, him – he made friends with them – and they turned him – God knows what happened him, but I think they’re training him to kill us – yes, us…after all we’ve done for them.


No, of course you and I aren’t EXACTLY the same – sure, have your own beliefs…I’m open minded…it’s these extremist, intolerant wankers I can’t fucking stand – yeah, the ones who want to stamp on our way of life…

Pre-emptive strikes – that’s the way – get them before they get us. The streets aren’t safe from them…

Ok, so some women and children were killed – but that’s collateral damage – that’s a cost I’m willing to pay…

It’s in their genes – they’re all responsible for those atrocities – they just see the world differently from us.

Are you still there?

But I thought you hated them too? You told me…well, you implied…look, I know you’re like me…we’re bound to think the same way…well I thought we did.

But you were on my side – our side – you’re like me…I love you, remember…?

You’re TALKING to them? You’re doing some work with them? You’re trying to find some COMMON GROUND with them??

What the fuck are you doing? You know they can’t be trusted…

Well yeah – same to you with fucking bells on…you’re as bad as them…in fact, I reckon you’ve always been one of them – you’re a fucking infiltrator – you’re worse than them…

I can’t believe I was so stupid to be duped by you – you duplicitous bastard.

I loved you

Walk a mile


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