29/01/15 ‘Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.’ Martin Luther King Jr.

In an attempt to get back to my racing snake physique (?), I’ve taken to wandering the streets of Ilmington. I’ve got a circuit that’s just shy of a mile, so I do 6 laps at a time – roughly 5 miles.

A couple of days a week, I do the whole thing twice, just for fun. My ultimate aim is to feel comfortable with 15 miles a day, and to be as sleek and fit as possible for my return to Porthmadog in the summer.

Healthy body, healthy mind or some such.

Unlike the other parts of my walk, I’ve taken to wearing headphones while I listen to the lovely Jeremy Wolfe lecturing on psychology at MIT, or Chris Jones presenting his mental health podcast/ radio show, Panic Stations.

Yes, readers of my earlier blog’s will probably note my earlier sentiments that nothing says FUCK OFF more than someone clearly linked in some way to their mobile device.

The reason for my obviously hypocritical behaviour is that I didn’t feel I had much to say – or, if I did, it would be difficult to match up an easy stroll around a village with wandering about in the semi wilderness.

That was the idea. It would seem, however, that I am completely unable to walk past a fellow human being without talking to them.

‘Hello’, turns into the great British pastime of talking about the weather, turns into ‘What are you doing?’, turns into talking about mental health.

It’s been a while – I’m a tad rusty on the subject – but it feels fine.

Now when I see folk – often people walking their dogs – I unceremoniously yank the earphones out of my ears and chat.

So what? Man walks round village and talks to people…it’s hardly news, is it?

Man talks about his mental malady – as seen on Criminal Minds – without folk appearing at the door with pitchforks and torches…

As I’ve journeyed around the place, folk have often said to me, ‘Well, the people around HERE, are ok, but just you wait until you get THERE…’

A lot of people have suggested that the inhabitants of Middle England would, at best, grunt a reluctant, ‘Hello’.

So when Sue, a consummate stranger on the road, told me that she and her partner would be living in Devon from the summer, and that I’d be welcome to come and stay with them on my rambles, I was shocked and stunned.

Well, no, that’s not true, I smiled.

It was just a further, glowing endorsement that people are lovely, trusting, trustworthy and hospitable.

Over the next 98 days, on top of the steady trickle of ‘BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!!’ stories from each and every media outlet – including the social media, there will be a cacophony of ‘YOU’RE VOTING FOR WHO??’ followed by a myriad of reasons as to why, the other lot are, let’s face it, shit, duplicitous, dangerous, malicious, immovable and generally beneath derision.

Fabulous – more people to despise. More, ‘You’re not like me/ us,’ ; ‘You’re not from these parts, are you?’

We see folk in the House of Commons jeering and sneering, patting each other on the backs – behaviours that would attract a severe talking to in class B3 by Mr. Cunnington – lies/ half lies/ half truths and double speak – actions that would attract a minimum sentence of 3 weeks electrocution at any late ’70’s Corby Comprehensive (harsh, but fair)….

It doesn’t have to be that way – it isn’t that way…

People are fabulous.

I’ll repeat that for the speed readers – people are fabulous.

YOU are fabulous.

We have more similarities than differences – work on that.

Don’t waste your time on hatred/ petty dislikes/ vendettas…

But, but….

Yes, I know…they did that thing…they hurt you/ someone you love…

But consider this, the more energy you use hating them, the longer they get to reside, rent free, in your head.

I have hated. Really hated – I’ve been bitterly twisted up…why couldn’t they? Why don’t they? Why did they? Why can’t they just see it my way?

Hate is useless – it achieves nothing…hold on…I’m just having a think…nope…it achieves diddly squat.

It generates more hate, fear, mistrust, anger…not just of that person, but of people who take their side – people you perceive to be like them.

Try forgiveness.

Take a look here

Try again.

Oh, too good to look at the link, are we?

Try again – read a handful of the stories


Forgiveness isn’t passive. It’s a way for you to be in charge, to take control.

Don’t believe me? Folk infinitely wiser than me have taken a similar stance.

‘Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.’

Walk a mile


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1 Response to 29/01/15 ‘Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.’ Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Lily Edenflower says:

    So hard to forgive though, especially if the person is still doing the thing that hurts you and refuses to accept their behaviour is unacceptable. I tend to try to forget rather than forgive, and to remove the person from my life, which perhaps isn’t ideal but I’m not ready nor strong enough to forgive. I still kind of feel that forgiving = condoning.

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