05/03/15 Dirty Scrounging Bastards, or, isn’t it amazing what you can get for 18 pence a week? 

I was listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC radio 2 today (it’s ok, I’m allowed, I’m 50 tomorrow), when I was touched by the the succinct and tender comments by one of his guests.

As she enthusiastically stated that she would never vote conservative, she gave a brief shopping list of the groups of people she would happily have her taxes spent on…it was the usual suspects, but it didn’t include the ‘parasites’, her word, who chose to have more than 3 children whilst on benefits. 
She was quite vitriolic – by which I mean she was ranting like a ranty thing.
This all came off the back of the government’ proposal to stop child benefit for any children after the third in a family, and that this would save the UK PLC £300 Million
They brought in someone who disagreed with her – and their conversation went kind of, 
‘Yeah, well you’re stupid…’
‘Yeah but, I’m never going to agree with you ever because…’
‘Yeah, but you smell..’
and so on. 
The interesting thing was, nobody seemed to be remotely interested in the facts. 
It turns out that 9 out of 10 families with 3 or more children, on our fair island, have at least 1 working parent. 
That leaves 110 thousand families with no working parents who have 3 or more children. Which, I’m pretty sure, is the group the powers that be would like us to think about when saving money. Did I mention hardworking taxpayers? 
The cost of child benefit for a family of three comes out at £2498.60 per year. 
That works out at approximately £274,846,000 coming out of the taxpayers coffers. 

Bloody Hell! I hear you cry, that’s more than a quarter of a billion…

Do you feel yourself joining the Daily Mail cohorts yet?


If you consider that we now have nearly 30 million folk in work…let’s think how much these leeching bastards are bleeding out of each and every one of those hard working Brits every year…

So, quarter of a billion, divvied up between 30 million folk…that works out at just under £9.17.
A week?
A month?
Let’s cut to the chase. These parasites are costing each and every hard working Brit £9.17 every year.
That’s, er…18 pence a week. 
I had a brief look around the interweb to find out what you can buy for 18 pence a week.
Fuck all…give or take. 
But that’s not the money we’ll be saving. 
If each of these 110 thousand families had an extra child, that would cost you a further 6 pence a week. 
That’s £3.12 a year.
I’ll leave you to decide what you’d mindlessly blow this delicious nest egg on…
Another thing to think of is – THE UNEMPLOYED isn’t a stationary group. It’s fluid. It ebbs and flows. 
The mean average length of unemployment is 32 weeks, the median is 13 weeks. I guess what I’m saying here is most of these people work.
So, if we target this group of folk claiming for that extra child, the government claims we’ll save £300 million.
This is where my maths turns to shit.
I can’t for the life of me consolidate these figures. At one stage I’d worked out that these scroungers, who are also hard working Brits, some of whom are on workfare – that is, doing a job that used to be low paid, for the paltry sum of their benefits, would have to produce an extra 11 children each to save us all that massive figure.
Although I’ll accept that I’ve gone beyond the boundaries of my mathematical talents there. 
I think something similar could be levelled at those folk paid by the dept of hard sums on this matter. 
Why are folk so ready to reach for their pitchforks and torches here?
When did you last get so het up about £3.12…6 pence a week if you prefer?
What is in the mind of the spin doctors when they grandly state they’ll be reducing benefits for folk who breed like rabbits? 
Do we need more enemies? 
More folk to despise and deride? 
What is this piece of sleight of hand covering up? What is our attention being drawn away from?
Of course, you could be really angry about that £3.12.
Bastards, eh?
Walk a mile

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3 Responses to 05/03/15 Dirty Scrounging Bastards, or, isn’t it amazing what you can get for 18 pence a week? 

  1. whitevanw0man says:

    My maths is as crap as yours, I couldn’t work it out either. What a waste of a BA Hons in Business Studies. At least I’m old enough to have benefitted from a free Higher Education. Ha! But not as old as you 🙂
    Hippy Barfday, hope it’s a good one and that it is memorable for all the right reasons.
    Keep on walking…
    Hugs from Jess / Lily / whitevanwoman – or whoever I am these days xx

    • Thanks for all that – yes *stares winsomely into the middle distance* free higher education – them were the days..

      • whitevanw0man says:

        Perhaps one day folk will look back and say “the NHS, free at point of entry – them were the days” too. Not that I’m cynical or disillusioned or anything. Just mental.

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