22/03/15 The One Hundred

Jeremy Clarkson allegedly does something to his producer for apparently not providing him with a nourishing tasty meal after a hard day’s Top Gearing.
The powers that be at the BBC shut down Top Gear PLC to allow time for an investigation to take place.
Possibly for an investigation to be seen to take place. 
Cue sad picture of Jezza C about the place.
An online campaign explodes into action and, before we know it, the Stig, an unknown Carlos Fandango dressed in white bondage gear, delivers 1 million votes in a Sherman Tank to the BBC in London.
One million votes. 
For something that, at best, is… 
You can fill out the rest. 
The other day, a friend of mine started a campaign to stop the institutional prejudice in the NHS that discriminates against people with mental health problems.
A system that guarantees a waiting time of 18 weeks between diagnosis and the start of treatment for people with physical maladies…
But one that has no such guarantee for people with mental health problems. 
In fact a system that has NO guarantee for people with mental maladies. 
Imagine if you were the head honcho of an NHS trust.
Where would you put your limited funds? 
Would you focus on the 18 week promise?
Or would you say to yourself,
‘Hold on a second, I think people with mental health issues aren’t getting a fair slice of the cake here…’
I’ll cut to the chase. Because of this weird administrative blip, there are people with severe mental health problems  who are receiving no treatment. 
Who, in desperation often go to any open door bit of the NHS – Accident and Emergency – their GP – Minor Injuries – who are then labelled 
‘Attention Seeking’ 
and/ or 
for their pains. 
As a result, my friend started a campaign to raise awareness of this weird mismatch. 
Mental ill health is the biggest killer of men under 35 in the UK.
Since the beginning of austerity, over 6 thousand people a year take their own lives.
75 percent of whom are men.
That’s 1 thousand more every year since the cutbacks began.
This is not a political issue. It is purely a matter of fairness. 
The campaign that my friend started demands parity of esteem – equality – between mental and physical health services. 
That’s all.
At the beginning of the campaign, my friend told me she was aiming for 100 signatures.
I thought she was being incredibly conservative (small ‘c’ there) with her target. 
I thought folk would be quick to sign up and in no time we’d have a godzillion signatures…
However, to date we’ve had 74 folk signing up…
And a complaint of spamming. 
Not what I’d expected. 
What has that Clarkson fellow got that we haven’t? 
I can play the William Tell Overture (the theme to the Lone Ranger) on my teeth with a pen. 
If the #wordsdontcount campaign reaches the dizzy heights of 100, I will make a video demonstrating that most unusual of talents. 
Just sign up here
It’ll take a moment of your time, and it’ll mean a lot. 
Have you signed? 
I don’t think we’ll beat the lovely Jeremy, but…go on, I’d love to have a shot driving a tank. 
Walk a mile
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