20/04/15 Don’t feed the animals

People are fabulous. Almost – and that’s a tiny ‘almost’, so small as to be negligible and not worth my attention, everyone I’ve ever met has been great – kind – compassionate – hospitable – trusting and trustworthy. 

Recently, a Super Sensational Soaraway Sun columnist, let’s call her, ‘Hatey Poptart’, has been writing hateful stuff about immigrants from Africa trying to make their way across to Europe on any manner of vessel, some of which have not been up to the job – with desperately tragic results. 
Flakey Foreskin has also written endlessly across Twitter, social media, any outlet that’s willing to have her, pedalling hatred of the unemployed, the overweight and, a personal favourite of mine, your average loony.
I’m delighted to wear this hat-trick of hate like a badge – to be targeted by her keyboard of contempt, hey, it really talks to me, you know?

Like many who bob around in a more left of centre part of the interweb and social media, I have chosen not to fan the flames of her ill thought through vitriol. 
However, for many the mention of turning gunships on migrants was a rant too far.
As I write, campaigns have sprung up demanding her removal as a writer for Britains best selling red top. 
I’m afraid, though, that this breaking from the cover of silence of the many who’d been doing their best to ignore her all these years, will have the opposite effect. 
By shouting ‘Enough!’ the masses, I believe, have shown her the level on the hate-o-meter that’s required for her antagonism to go viral amongst the more liberally minded. 
The same folk who stand by the oft quoted phrase from Voltaire’s biography by 

Evelyn Beatrice Hall

  “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” 

I’m not sure if she had these circumstances in mind when she wrote this – but I think her words are as right today as they were in the early 20th century. 

Although, that said, it’s a little trite to stop there. 

Does Hatey Foreskin mean any/ everything she writes? Is this merely part of vitriolic bollocks PLC? 

Is this purely her way of turning a buck? 

Who knows? 

One thing I do know, by reacting with righteous indignation, we are feeding this particular beast with the only meal she seems to understand – publicity. 

Alternatively, she might really see the world in this way. 

In that case, she and I find ourselves on opposite ends of a continuum. 

Do I hate her? Do I despise her?


I don’t know her.

I dislike what she writes, and, as I said earlier, I can only guess at her motivation. 

Does she think people, who are different from her in any way, warrant the daily attacks she launches from her James Bond bad guy island?

If that’s the case, in my opinion, that’s a horribly skewed filter she’s using to gaze upon something that’s rather wonderful. 
People are fabulous. That’s my skewed filter of choice. 
Why someone would court hatred in such a way is beyond me – but it screams pain. 
Was she, is she so isolated from people that she needs to build this massive barrier of FUCK OFF to keep them out?
Did her, well publicised, epilepsy galvanise a belief in her that she must be responsible for herself – that reliance on others is a sign of weakness – something she perhaps despises in herself – create a world that she has to keep at a distance?
Is the world that scary – that repugnant – to her? 
Is she unable to see the potential and actual impact of her words on the people who inhabit the many vulnerable groups she attacks? 
How can we…how do we put ourselves in the shoes of someone who’s beliefs seem so at odds to our own? 
These are words – nothing more – nothing less. 
Remember Charlie Hebdo? 
Je suis Katie Hopkins
Well, not really, but you get my meaning…
Walk a Mile
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