24/05/15 Up Periscope

Well really…you’ve just cheapened yourself with those tawdry thoughts…
Whoops, sorry, that was me taking any opportunity for a schoolboy gag…

Anyway, back to the actual story. 
Thanks to a guy – Ronnie – who’s helping with Walk a Royal Mile – I’ve discovered a thing – an app – called ‘periscope’.
This handy dandy bit of wizardry allows the user to broadcast video and audio to the world – to anyone who’ll listen really.
So what, I hear you cry. Well, first of all, this morning on my 4 mile constitutional, I was talking to…well, I was talking and they were texting onscreen…I was talking to a guy in/ from Istanbul and a bloke in France who was born 10 miles up the road from Ella’s…it was great to be sharing my walk with other folk. 
That got me thinking. When we walk that royal mile we can share it with anyone who has any manner of smart thingumy – so people who can’t make it on the day can still be a part of it.
Go and take a look – you can join me on my training rambles – if you follow me on periscope @walkamile you can see and hear some of the beauty of the Cotswolds and chat with me as I go. 

And it’s free. Well, as long as you use wi-fi or if you’ve a ridonculous amount of data on whatever contract you have.

It gives you a merry little ping whenever I start broadcasting – and I can follow you too on any walks you go on. 

This feels tailor made for walk a mile. 

Ok, I’ll stop raving now.

Walk a Mile


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