24/05/15 Walk a Mile the Brand…HHHEEELLPPP!!!

For those of you who’ve been following the walkamile gig for a while, you’ll know there’s an event looming, in conjunction with See Me in Edinburgh in September.
Hopefully this’ll be the start of something altogether…more widespread.

This means a brand.

Now, personally, I don’t think I need much help on this front, since my artistic prowess is second to….er, second to….well, just second really…

I was made to do art as my craft subject at school – mainly because I wreaked havoc in metalwork and woodwork. 
I was escorted from metalwork after heating up the handles of David Tong’s (yes, that was his name) tongs in the furnace and then laughing uproariously when he threw them up in the air….

My woodwork teacher finally removed me from brandishing sharp things about in his craft room because, I think, he was tired of whacking my bottom with his home made cricket bat every time I broke a hacksaw blade.
So, as you can see from this fabulous piece of work that art is my thing. 

Ella has moved on from speaking to me like one would speak to a 2 year old who’s painted a picture of Daddy, a picture that a chimpanzee with any ounce of pride would throw out, to breaking the news that this product of nearly 2 minutes work is, indeed, shite. 
That’s where you guys come in. Don’t worry if your artwork doesn’t hit the same dizzying heights as mine – we’ll have someone to take your germ of an idea to make it into something shiny. 

If you’d like to submit something – there’s no prize other than the heady kudos that comes with the knowledge that a man, with the same artistic aptitude as drunk rhinoceros, appreciates your work – you can post it up on the walkamile Facebook page, or tweet it to me here @walkamileuk, or email to me at c.mcculloughyoung@yahoo.co.uk

That’s if you think your art is better than mine…

I need something by Sunday 14th of June. So, what are you waiting for? 


Walk a Mile 


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4 Responses to 24/05/15 Walk a Mile the Brand…HHHEEELLPPP!!!

  1. liamtkirk says:

    Art? How about a piece of creative writing?

    • I think creative writing will come into it’s own when we set up the website for sharing people’s stories. The brand – to my mind anyway – needs to be a piece of artwork that sums up the whole walkamile gig

  2. liamtkirk says:

    Well good luck. If you want, I’ll make someone in the art dept. of Cooltan Arts aware of your request to see if they can assist.

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